Game Development For Microsoft Surface Could Revolutionize The Gaming Industry!

A few days back, Microsoft revealed it’s first tablet, The Surface. Unlike the iPad and Android tablets, Surface runs on The Windows 8 and The Windows RT platform, offering a touch-based keyboard. Some more eye-catching features this Tablet has are the front and rear-facing HD cameras, storage capacity ranges from 32 GB to 128 GB depending on the model one selects, magnetic covers that double as detachable keyboards and the wi-fi only connectivity.

Tablet gaming has become immensely popular due to the ease and affordability of the games and this latest entry to the Tablet World comes with a difference, a USB port. With the support of the X-box 360 controller, core gamers can now stick to Tablet Gaming. One can play play PC games on their laptops on the go, but the sleek and small design of The Surface is what makes the difference. The Surface is equipped with a Nvidia graphics card to offer excellent visuals, just what one needs while Gaming !

Microsoft Surface could be the gamer’s paradise!

Moreover, this combination of The X-box 360 controller and The Surface is going to bring for the first time, the Tablet-Console Gaming funda ! The market shares for X-box 360 will also go up leaving behind the likes of The Sony Playstation and Nintendo because Xbox is the one clear-cut advantage that Microsoft has over them.

“Remember that Microsoft’s Xbox installed base is estimated to be around 70 million, or roughly the same as Apple’s iPad installed base and if Microsoft can convert a sizable number of media-savvy Xbox owners into Surface customers, it could cut deeply into the potential audience for Apple.” – Charles King, principal analyst with Pund-IT

I must therefore conclude by saying that Microsoft looks to be the clear favorite once again to take the gaming industry by storm.

(The Author is a Student of Technology based in New Delhi, India).


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