E3 2012 : Highlights!

The E3, Electronic Entertainment Expo is known to be the ultimate and the best expo in the video game industry, giving the world’s best Video Game companies a huge platform to present their games !

The once in a year, two day event is hosted at the  Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) in Los Angeles. The E3 2012 showed us some highlights of the latest entries in interactive games for computers, handhelds, consoles and many more. Lets have a look at some of the highlights that E3 showcased this year :

Watch Dogs is among the most eagerly awaited titles of the year.

  • Watch DogsWatch Dogs was this year’s biggest surprise presented by Ubisoft. The games graphics, plot, mind-blowing action and the originality of the game was what won the hearts of the crowd.
  • God Of War : Ascension – Now everyone who has ever played a video game should know about this one ! Arguably, one of the best game-series I have played till date. After the first three parts of the game, in E3 we saw the demigod Kratos back in action once again with his deadly double-chained blades in the 4th part.
  • Devil May Cry – After the awesome series of 5 Devil May Cry games, in the E3 2012, Ninja Theory gave us the sixth part. originally made by Capcom in 2001, DMC was introduced as a sequel to Resident Evil. But the popularity it gained forced the company to make it a separate property and it paid off. Dante, the protagonist gets more guns, moves and enemies to kill !

E3 gave Nintendo a good platform to showcase its games. Nintendo presented two dozen games for the Nintendo Wii U, latest to its edition. At last year’s E3, Nintendo introduced the world to the Wii U, its high-concept replacement for the Wii. It was weird then, it still is. This year, they gave us two dozen games, but missed out on the basics of it.

The Nintendo Wii U.

People still get confused with the functionality of the controller. Being made by the genius, it seems as if Wii U will be played by the genius as well and not by the common man. When the Nintendo Wii U was launched, it was supposed to have two GamePad tablets but this year’s E3 showed us just 1 to play with. Gamers are not even sure of the range of the GamePad tablet. Surely it’s not what a gamer wants, that is  to be playing games using something he does not know how to use.

Lets hope E3 2013 gives us some better games, consoles and hopefully Nintendo comes out with a better platform to play on.

PS: Never Stop Playing!

(The Author is a Student of Technology based in New Delhi, India).


2 thoughts on “E3 2012 : Highlights!

  1. Great quote! I’ll never grow old. Not because I won’t age, but because I’ll never stop playing 😉

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