2015: Android Dominates. RIM Bleeds. Symbian Dies! [Innfographic – Interactive Infographic]


Its no secret that Nokia’s decline has been a free fall and the primary reason behind it has been their flagship Symbian OS’s failure to match up to the current top players in the market. There was a time when Symbian dominated the mobile OS market-share. And then – iPhone happened. Followed by an Android super storm.

While Android continues to grow at astronomical pace thanks largely to Google’s decision to let 50 plus manufacturers use its OS, iOS continues to have a strong fan following thanks to the Apple brand. RIM’s share has taken a drastic hit over the years and they along with Nokia have been hit badly by the Android-iOS proliferation. RIM’s iconic BlackBerry brand seems to be headed Symbian’s way, unless of course the much hyped BlackBerry10 OS takes the world by storm and outshines Android and iOS, which is highly unlikely and that’s putting it mildly.

I didn’t attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it. – Mark Twain

Nokia is certainly hoping for some sort of a comeback with their new feature phone series (Nokia Asha) and the Lumia series (Windows Phone). But irrespective of what measures they take to dig themselves out of a hole, one thing is for certain – Symbian will die, forever. RIM’s chances aren’t too bright either, but then again they were the first real smartphone makers and are known for the high security features on BlackBerry devices. Maybe just maybe BlackBerry10 would turn their fortunes around.

But if you were to go by Gartner’s reports, which most people in the industry do, Symbian and BlackBerry would continue their decline and by the year 2015 we would see the last Symbian phones while BlackBerry would keep loosing more ground. Android on the other hand would continue its world dominance and even in 2015 would have the majority stake in the mobile OS market.

Android took a huge bite out of Symbian's market-share.

Android took a huge bite out of Symbian’s market-share.

We at STL decided to provide you with an Infographic on the scenario based on Gartner’s report. But this isn’t just any infographic, it’s what we call an Innfographic (Interactive Infographic), wherein you don’t just see the stats, you engage with them. Click on the years in this Innfographic to observe for yourselves how Android dominates, RIM bleeds and Symbian dies by the year 2015. Check out the snapshot and then follow the link below it to reach the STL infographics site.

A snapshot of the Innfographic from our infographics site (link below).

A snapshot of the Innfographic from our infographics site (link below).

Here is the link to the exclusive STL Innfographic


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