Does India Need A Superhero? [Infographic]


With crime against women at an all time high and highlighted by the recent rape incident in the capital city New Delhi, India – a country of great history and cultural abundance looks a pale shadow of itself. Our economic prowess and clout in matters of world governance are on the rise all the time and at the same time the moral fiber that is supposed to make us stand out from the rest of the world is on a constant decline.

Are women in India ever going to feel safe again? STL has the answers. We did a reality check and found out that the only way to protect the fairer sex in our country is by hiring a superhero. STL decided to portray the Indian women’s plight through an Innfographic (Interactive Infographic).

The image below is a preview of the Innfographic. Head over to the STL Infographics website for the full monty.


Click Here To Reach The STL Infographics Website For The Superhero Innfographic


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