Blackberry’s Flop Show Continues : BB10 Disappoints In Q1 Results [Report]


Miseries of Canadian smart-phone maker don’t seem to be coming to an end. Company’s change of name from Research In Motion to BlackBerry couldn’t stop the decline of its fortunes. Although company has managed to stem the steep decline, it’s revenue results have not been as per market expectation. BlackBerry reported a loss of $67 million. Sales of Q10 & Z10 are not that promising and company would have to come up with better and enhanced pro million, 13 cents per share. Company also revealed a drop of four million subscribers.

Highlights  of Q1 Results

  • Blackberry Q1 Loss of $84 million-16 cents per share
  • Net Q1 Loss of $67 million-13 cents per share
  • Blackberry Q1 revenue up by 15% to $3.1 billion
  • Blackberry Shipment for Q1 – 6.8 million devices, only 40% of these are BlackBerry 10 devices
  • BlackBerry shipped 100000 PlayBook tablets
  • BlackBerry reports drop of four million subscribers

(Source: BlackBerry Result )

BlackBerry’s total shipment of 6.8 million smart-phones was way below the sales of rivals. It’s rival Apple which sold more then 37 million iPhones while Samsung sold more than 60 million smart-phones. What was more disappointing for BlackBerry was the shipment of a mere 2.7  million BlackBerry 10 devices during the three month period. BlackBerry had launched two BB10 devices this year : full touchscreen Z10 and the more familiar Q10. But the two new comers contributed only for 2.7 m shipments. This quarter was supposed to be first full quarter when the both new devices were sold all around the globe. Disappointing sale of BlackBerry 10 and fact that it sold more of it’s old devices  doesn’t augment well for BlackBerry.

Blackberry Figures- The Verge

(Statistics- The Verge)

The problem with these results is that , they came up after a full quarter sale of Blackberry’s new devices across all the Globe.BlackBerry had pinned high hopes on sale of it Q10 and Z10  phones and was hoping for a turnaround-on sale of these devices. But with it’s trump card turning out to be a fluke, BlackBerry’s future doesn’t look as promising as it was at the start of the year.

Although company has been able to stop the steep decline of its fortunes, but its revenue results have not been as per market expectation. With it’s competitors Samsung and Apple way ahead and other player’s surging ahead,future doesn’t look  that bright. BlackBerry once the leading Smart-phone maker stands way behind at rank 10.

WM3rpCH( Top 10 Smart-phone maker)

BlackBerry’s turn around from maker of an excellent e-mail sending device to modern day multi-purpose smartphone has not been as per its expectations. Company has to do some thinking quickly to survive, otherwise it would join the long list of companies that changed the World, but couldn’t survive the change.


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