Devil May Cry : The Franchise [Part-I]


Devil May Cry : The Franchise.

If you’re asking for a date, forget it. ‘Cause I make it a point not to go out with women who shoot me in the head! – Dante


It all started in the year 2001 when the very first Devil May Cry was released by  Capcom and created  by Hidaki Kamiya.  A  role playing game fully fledged with devilish fantasy and action  blended with the best combination of guns and swords. Millions of copies were sold from the first three series – the anime series, action figures, and even comics were launched. The first of which was  launched on PS2, PC and now also available on PS3 and Xbox 360 .


Fast and heavy attacks were created using stylish combats. First time player is graded by the rank D,C,B,A,S,SSS at the end of each chapter. After killing an enemy players get orbs – with red orb meaning points and green orb meaning life.  Swapping of weapons can be performed while playing the game without pausing it. Devil May Cry is not another cut and slash game and game puzzles and tricks for unlocking doors  and clearing stages are emphasized.


Dante Awakes!

Our hero Dante is a devil in the human form. So for utilizing the devil in him, there is the devil trigger which can be extended to max. The plus point is when the devil trigger is unleashed and Dante transforms into a devil then his human health starts accumulating automatically. The devil trigger gets filled while performing heavy attacks on the enemy. At every stage of DMC there is a boss who can be killed using appropriate weapons and fighting skills.

Time Line  of  Devil May Cry

  • 2001 – Devil May Cry  (Capcom)
  • 2003 – Devil May Cry 2 (Capcom)
  • 2005- Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening (Capcom)
  • 2005 – Devil May Cry 4 (Capcom)
  • 2013 – Devil May Cry (Rebooted) DMC (Capcom and Ninja Theory )

ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board)  Rating —-

Entertainment Software Rating Board categorized Devil May Cry series under mature 17+ rating  containing blood and gore, intense violence, nudity, sexual content and an indifferent language.


The devil in his elements.

Latest DMC Rating By Other Top Game Sources.

  • 9 out of 10,  Top notch – Game Informer.
  • 9 out of 10. A Triumph – X360A
  • 5 stars  – CVG
  • 9 0ut of 10 – Digital Trends.

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