Devil May Cry : The Franchise [Part II]


Devil May Cry : A game for the ages.

How it all started :

After the completion of Resident Evil 2  in 1998, work on the Resident Evil series started under the direction of  Hideki  Kamiya and his team. His team visited Spain and examined some castles for the game’s  environment. During the primary build of the game environment the concept and strategy mismatched with the concept of the Resident Evil franchise which was based on the horror genre.

The idea of  completely dumping the  game was not accepted by Hideki  Kamiya and his team continued to utilize the same environmental game play and decided to change the strategy for the game. A new franchise was born and it was known as – Devil May Cry.


DMC : The past and the Present.

Here are the storyline teasers from the franchise :

Devil May Cry (2001) –  The first installment of the Devil May Cry series by Capcom games after the release of Street Fighter and Resident Evil 2 . During the course of the storyline, the protagonist Dante defeats the demon emperor Mundus  who wants to rule the world. Dante was assisted by Trish, a demon slayer, in his tasks.

Devil May Cry 2 (2003)  – In this game Dante is associated with Lucia an artificially created half demon and member of a clan which works for the safety of the human kind (playable character). Dante’s mission was to stop and kill businessman Arius who was trying to bring the devil lord Argosax to the world.

Devil May Cry 3(2005) – In this installment, Dante is helped by Mary later known as the daughter of evil literate Arkham . In this game Vergil (Dante’s twin brother) and Arkham conspire to combine the human and the devil worlds. The game starts with a demonic tower being raised in the middle of the city, near to Dante’s unnamed shop.

Midway through the game Vergil kills Dante but the demonic power inside Dante doesn’t let him die and brings him back as even more powerful than before. In the end Arkham is killed and Vergil is sent into the dark realms of the underworld. The character of Vergil is playable after completing DMC in several difficulty modes .

Devil May Cry4 (2008) – In the fourth installment there were two playable characters Dante and Nero back to back. Dante’s mission was to kill Sanctus, the leader of a clan and a priest (orders of the swords) from the underworld who is plotting a conquest against the real world with the help of a savior (a giant statue which comes back to life by the Sparda blood and blades Yamato (Vergil’s sword ). Nero’s mission is to save his friend and love Kyrie from evil Sanctus .


DMC 4 : Re-established the franchise’s benchmark

Devil May Cry [Rebooted] – (2013) – In January 2013 fans of the Devil May Cry franchise and Dante got DMC and Dante rebooted by Ninja Theory in collaboration with Capcom. In this latest installment Dante was helped by Vergil and Kat. Gamers can play solo with Dante in either of the two parallel worlds. The human and the demon worlds, known as limbo. Dante establishes himself as a young demon slayer and avenges the assassination of his mother by the demon emperor Mundus.Vergil’s  purpose is to kill Mundus with the help of Dante and to rule the demon and human worlds after his death.

For the benefit of our readers, here is an info table depicting information about each of DMC’s titles, prepared by the STL GameLord himself.

DMC Titles : Info table.

DMC Titles : Info table.

Attention Grabber : Keep watching this space for more on the Devil May Cry franchise.


3 thoughts on “Devil May Cry : The Franchise [Part II]

  1. Great post I am a long time fan of the devil may cry franchise. I was wondering what you thought of the latest game..

    • Thanks for your comment. DMC series is also very close to my heart. For the first time I saw the devil fighting for a good cause and in style.

      DMC 5 or Devil may cry rebooted is another good game developed by Ninja Theory.. no doubt awesome game.. shooting and slicing demons is fun but the only thing which I felt was technically wrong was that too much dark texture was used in the game which had an impact on the background colors. When I compare DMC 4 graphics with DMC 5, I found the former’s graphics much better. I will say it again, DMC rocks…Dante rules..

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