Devil May Cry : The Franchise [Part III]


Devil may cry is a franchise that is very dear to its fan following. The success of this franchise has surprised nobody. That’s because when a game comes loaded with a spell binding storyline, top notch graphical rendering and a high on adrenaline gameplay, the last thing one should expect of it is a failure.

DMC is one of those franchises which has a pretty diverse fan following across continents. It has been a success not only across Europe and North America but also across the Asia pacific region. Dante as a protagonist has led the game’s storyline very well and has found more support recently with the addition of other playable characters.

Having covered DMC Part I and Part II recently, this is the third and final post in the DMC franchise but that is not the end of the story. We have an e-book covering your favorite DMC franchise in more detail coming soon on STL.

As a tribute to the DMC fans, here is a slideshow covering images from all the games in the franchise.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Attention Grabber : STL will cover more awesome game franchises, one every month. Next month be sure to hold on to your crutches because he is the God Of War and he will make you suffer.


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