Metro : Last Light – Redefining The FPS Genre


An astonishing and moving postapocalyptic journey – Gamespot.

Metro last light is the sequel to Metro 2033 developed by 4A games and published by deep silver. This game is adapted from Russian novel Metro 2033 and Metro 2034 by Dimitry Gulkhovsky. Metro last light is a First Person Shooter (FPS) in the genre of horror survival and action. The Story of Metro Last Light starts where Metro 2033 ended, with our hero Artyom unleashing nuclear missiles on the dark ones (mutants with supernatural powers).


Plot of the story is set in the year 2034 amidst the ruins of post apocalyptic Moscow in the tunnels of Metro. The player plays Artyom and the game ending is decided by a hidden karma. A positive karma and a negative karma.

Positive karma – listening to NPC conversations and donating to the beggars.

Negative karma- killing enemies willing to surrender and non hostile mutants.


Metro Last Light is a dark thriller.


Under the ruins of destructed Moscow, the nuke attacked people are forced to live in the tunnels of Metro. The remaining humankind are threatened by the dark ones as well as the fear of war among themselves. The station cities of Metro are divided into groups like Nazis and the red ones are indulged in a civil war for the ultimate price – a doom’s device from the military vault of D6.

Alternate endings

As mentioned above, the game is based on the hidden karma of the character. The game play decides the eventual ending of the game.

Negative karma – Artyom activates D6 self destruct device and every one in the military vault dies.

Positive karma – Dark one appears and kills all the enemies and checks on Artyom to activate the self destruction device.


The remains of the city of Moscow.

Game engine

The game uses the 4A engine developed by 4A games. It helped bring the ruined city of Moscow come to life thanks to  high quality and detailed rendering. This level  of detail will occupies GBs of system memory and GPU VRAM. With the help of a high streaming system, the Metro last light uses less than 4 GB of memory and less than 2 GB of VRAM.


Units sold so far.

Ratings from around the world:

  • Game Informer – 8.75/10
  • Game Spot – 9.0/10
  • Game Trailer – 9.1/10
  • IGN – 7.2/10 (XBOX 360 ,PS3 ) and  7.7/10 (PC)
  • Rating (M) by ESRB , PEGI (18)
  • Content Description : Blood, intense violence, explicit love scenes, strong language, use of drugs and alcohol.

Scores for Metro Last Light.

To Play or not to play?

You should try Metro Last Light if you prefer

  • A realistic game environment.
  • The horror genre.
  • Multiple weapon selection style of game play, without going to the inventory.

You should not play Metro Last Light if

  • You don’t like the FPS genre.
  • Don’t like dark & Suffocating indoor under tunnel sort of an environment.

Game Play

  • Handmade weapons, fight for every bullet and last breath for survival.
  • Fast paced game play. The player can change his weapon without going to the menu.
  • Controlling player & shooting enemies are easy smooth, fine, realistic & synchronised.

The must have PC configuration for Metro : Last Light.

Game Highlights

  • Discover post-apocalyptic Moscow. Metro is an awesome game with a realistic environment.
  • Wide variety of game play environments, radio activity, snow, rain and the dark of the night.
  • Online warfare as Last Light delivers an intense multiplayer experience in the ruins of Moscow.

Release dates for Metro Last Light.

Metro Last Light is surely the game I will recommend to fans of the FPS genre for its awesome game play and weapon control with a realistic feel to its in-game world.


The stunning graphics make Metro look far better than most FPS games.

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