Unchartered 3 : Drake’s Deception [A Cinematic Extravaganza]

unchartered 3

Drake’s Deception is the third installment from the uncharted series after Unchartered : Drake’s Fortune and Uncharted : Among Thieves developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. This Game falls under the third person shooter category with action and adventure as its core genres and was released in November 2011. Different from its earlier parts, it can be played in single player, online multiplayer, online co-op, Split screen co-op. The game has Nathan Drake as its protagonist.

The game received 92% in reviews by aggregate website metacritic and 91.76% by game ranking and won many awards mainly in game of the year category including boys acting, graphics, story and cinematic experience. This is also one among those games which hold the record for sales in one day worldwide of 3.8 millions copies.


Drake’s Deception is a cinematic presentation.


The main motive of the story is to run and explore while defeating your enemies. In this game a ring of Nathan Drake plays a very important role. It belongs to his ancestor and explorer Sir Francis Drake. Nathan Drake travels around the world with his mentor Victor Sullivan to find the clues left by Sir Francis Drake who was sent by queen Elizabeth the 1st to find the lost city of Ubar located somewhere in Rub’al khali desert. After traveling and searching for clues in France, Syria, Yemen and finally the Rub’al Khali desert, he finds the lost city of Ubar. In the end killing  enemies and leaving the city in ruins.


The characters.


This game is different from its prequels in many ways including graphics and gameplay. Uncharted 3 can be played in single player, multiplayer and online multiplayer modes. Multiplayer and online multiplayer modes were not available in Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2. No doubt previous parts of Uncharted were awesome but after making some changes in the game engine (Naughty Dog 3.1) game graphics have reached new heights. While playing the game you get a feeling that you are watching an animated Hollywood movie and controlling the characters with your thumbs.


The gameplay is intense and uses a collaborative environment.

Drake can take down opponents in 3 ways :

  1. Hand to hand combat
  2. Melee attack
  3. Weapon attack

Drake can be equipped with two fire arms – primary and secondary. Drake can keep four bombs with him. One fire arm can be single handed (pistols, uzi, revolver) and the other fire arm is double handed (granate launcher, rifle, spas12, AK47). The game also covers puzzles.

Here are some stills from the game you will enjoy (click to enlarge).


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