Dante’s Inferno : A Poetic Masterpiece [Review]


“No Sadness is greater than in misery to rehearse memories of joy”

Dante’s Inferno was released in 2010 after the launch of the horror game by Visceral games – ‘Dead Space’. It was published by EA Games and developed by Visceral Games. It is a role playing game in the hack and slash genre, loaded with action & adventure. The  concept of the game was adapted from the 14th century epic poem Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The plot revolves around traveling nine circles of hell and facing your own dark past.

Story Line:

The story line of the game is based on a poem written by Dante Alighieri. Only a part of the poem was adapted for the game. The story revolves around the protagonist, Dante (a knight) during the times of the third Crusade. Dante is a crusader who loses his faith in God after having performed cruel deeds during the war.


Dante’s Inferno : Greed.

Dante is ordered to take the holy relic. During the attack Dante is stabbed by an Assassin. Death approaches Dante but he defeats death and takes back his weapon Scythe. Dante leaves the crusade with a red holy cross shaped tapestry stitched to his chest which depicts every sin from his past. He returns back to Florence to find his love Beatrice and her father, but he learns that both of them were assassinated.


Dante’s Inferno is an epic action adventure journey to behold.

The shadow of Lucifer (Satan) appears and takes Beatrice’s soul into darkness. Dante follows them and reaches the Chapel. He uses the holy cross to protect himself from evil. The earth cracks open due to this act of his and the gates of hell open up. He enters hell.

He goes through nine gates of hell:

  1. Limbo
  2. Lust
  3. Gluttony
  4. Greed
  5. Anger
  6. Heresy
  7. Violence
  8. Fraud
  9. Treachery

When Dante reaches treachery he meets Beatrice. Angel Gabriel appears and takes Beatrice’s soul to heaven . Dante continues his journey for Lucifer and finally encounters him. Lucifer then reveals that he used Beatrice as a bait because he knew that Dante would follow her through the realms of hell and end up freeing Lucifer.


Dante’s Inferno : Violence

After a fierce battle he defeats Lucifer before being taken to Purgatory by an angel. Dante then meets the soul of Beatrice who is waiting for him in Heaven.

Game Play:

This is a hack and slash game by all means. There are two major weapons for Dante – the holy cross and the scythe. More combos can be gained by filling souls in the weapons. At the initial level both weapons are same. It depends upon the player which one he/she wants to upgrade : holy or unholy. The game is full of puzzles and lybrinth of the hell. Mini game of purifying the damned souls also takes place wherein sins can be burned by pressing appropriate keys after which they are sent to heaven.


Dante’s Inferno : Limbo

ESRB Rating:

Rated “M” for blood and gore, intense violence and  sexual content .

Game Information:

Developers : Visceral Games

Publishers : Electronic Arts

Platforms : PS3, XBOX360 and PSP

Genre : Action and adventure

Mode : Role Playing Game

Ratings by other top game websites :

Game Informer: 7/10

IGN : 7.5/10

Destructoid : 9/10

Gamespot : 6.5/10


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