About Us

We are about – All of the above!

Are you an Enterprise Software Developer? Web Developer? Mobile App Developer? Software Tester? Analyst? or simply a student of Technology? Then here is the opportunity to prove your tech mettle, if you can bring something to the table, we promise to take you to the prom with us.

The STL community is a work in progress. This website serves as the test site through which we aim to provide a platform to budding analysts/bloggers/tech writers, call them what you will, we call them PTs (Passionate Techies) to express themselves. This website also serves as the entry point to STL’s network of main sites. Selected bloggers get to showcase their expertise on this test site and their performance over a period of 1-3 months determines whether they are worthy of joining STL’s main websites as contributors, full time analysts, developers, marketers, seo folks or strategic partners.

To get your name on the list of potential contributors all you have to do is either impress this guy with your TQ (tech-quotient) or super-impress the same guy with your CQ (Code Quotient). We are open to suggestions of all kinds, we accept Ice Cream Sandwiches and Kit-Kats with equal humility, so please feel free to throw some our way.

In order to join us on this test site, all you have to do is send us a – Test Post – in the range of 400 – 1000 words. You must choose one among the following topics for your test post.

  1. Write a gadget review of the iPhone 5S assuming it was launched an hour ago.
  2. Predict and analyse Google Android’s potential market share for the second quarter (Q2) 2014.
  3. Write a game review of your favorite PC/PS/XBox/Nintendo game.
  4. Develop a small application in a programming language of your choice and then write a post introducing that app to the world.
  5. Predict Facebook’s Market Value on June 10th 2014.
  6. Assume that you attended Apple’s WWDC 2014 event and report about the coolest things Apple Inc. introduced at the event.
  7. Write a post about the best new start-up in the IT industry, one which you think would go on to become a force to be reckoned with in its respective area of service.
  8. Write a movie review of the Steven Spielberg flick – Minority Report starring Tom Cruise. Narrow down your post to the technology depicted in the movie.
  9. Write a DIY (Do It Yourself) on any one of these – hacking tips, SEO, rooting an Android powered smartphone.
  10. Make a video about any one of the above. Talk about the topic, instead of writing about it. Upload it on Youtube and then send us a link here.

IMPORTANT: Please write in your own words because we know that Google might help you out with some, or perhaps all of the above, but then you have to be really naive to not know that each of your posts (yes you can submit multiple times, each time on a new topic) will be scanned using Copyright content/plagiarism checking software. And if even one link is found that matches your post, your post will be sent to the garbage bin. Also for topic number 4 if you download an app from the Internet and then send it to us thinking we wouldn’t know, well again, that would be a total waste of your potential energy.

We don’t mean to be mean, but if copy-pasting is your thing then please don’t bother sending us a post, better still go take a shower, because stealing from others stinks.