E3 2012 : Highlights!

The E3, Electronic Entertainment Expo is known to be the ultimate and the best expo in the video game industry, giving the world’s best Video Game companies a huge platform to present their games !

The once in a year, two day event is hosted at the  Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) in Los Angeles. The E3 2012 showed us some highlights of the latest entries in interactive games for computers, handhelds, consoles and many more. Lets have a look at some of the highlights that E3 showcased this year :

Watch Dogs is among the most eagerly awaited titles of the year.

  • Watch DogsWatch Dogs was this year’s biggest surprise presented by Ubisoft. The games graphics, plot, mind-blowing action and the originality of the game was what won the hearts of the crowd.
  • God Of War : Ascension – Now everyone who has ever played a video game should know about this one ! Arguably, one of the best game-series I have played till date. After the first three parts of the game, in E3 we saw the demigod Kratos back in action once again with his deadly double-chained blades in the 4th part.
  • Devil May Cry – After the awesome series of 5 Devil May Cry games, in the E3 2012, Ninja Theory gave us the sixth part. originally made by Capcom in 2001, DMC was introduced as a sequel to Resident Evil. But the popularity it gained forced the company to make it a separate property and it paid off. Dante, the protagonist gets more guns, moves and enemies to kill !

E3 gave Nintendo a good platform to showcase its games. Nintendo presented two dozen games for the Nintendo Wii U, latest to its edition. At last year’s E3, Nintendo introduced the world to the Wii U, its high-concept replacement for the Wii. It was weird then, it still is. This year, they gave us two dozen games, but missed out on the basics of it.

The Nintendo Wii U.

People still get confused with the functionality of the controller. Being made by the genius, it seems as if Wii U will be played by the genius as well and not by the common man. When the Nintendo Wii U was launched, it was supposed to have two GamePad tablets but this year’s E3 showed us just 1 to play with. Gamers are not even sure of the range of the GamePad tablet. Surely it’s not what a gamer wants, that is  to be playing games using something he does not know how to use.

Lets hope E3 2013 gives us some better games, consoles and hopefully Nintendo comes out with a better platform to play on.

PS: Never Stop Playing!

(The Author is a Student of Technology based in New Delhi, India).


The Awesome ASUS PadFone Is Here! [Review+Video]

Earlier this year, ASUS launched its Padfone. Having a 4.3 inch detachable phone inside a 10.1 inch Tablet is not a bad idea at all !

The simple funda they used : The phone when inserted into the tablet, takes over the the Hardware and the OS of the phone and uses it as a “brain”. The Padfone comes in three main parts :  The phone, The Padfone Station pad and the Padfone Station keyboard dock. It works on Android 4.0, the Ice cream Sandwich.

First lets talk about the Padfone Station.

  • The 10.1 inch multi touch screen weighs 724 gms.
  • It has its own 1.3 megapixel camera available through a small hole in a special cover that protects the Phone. The Padfone Station by itself does not have any mobile data capabilities.
  • It uses a GPS system and a phone to maintain the reception.
  • The tablet has three different connector ports through which the phone can be connected to it, the microHDMI port, the microUSB port and a special metallic element that opens up for the phone to be fitted in.

The experience after the phone is connected to the Padfone Station is just like the one in The ASUS Transformer Pad 300, one word – awesome ! The Padfone Station has a 1.5 GHz dual core processor with 1 GB RAM and 16/32 GB of storage media. It also has a cloud storage of 32 GB.

The ASUS Padfone Station !

Now, lets see what the Phone has is store for us!

  • It is a 4.3 inch multi touch phone which weighs 129 gms with battery.
  • The phone has both, the Front ( VGA ) and Rear ( 8 megapixel ) cameras with a 5-element lens, which support Geo-tagging.
  • It has a microSD card support of upto 32 GB.
  • It has HTML 5 browser support.
  • The best thing i feel about the phone is the Dynamic Display Technology introduced by ASUS allows seamless connectivity between the phone and the Padfone Station.

The apps currently running on the phone automatically appear on the larger display once the phone is docked onto the Padfone station. The Nifty Equalizer brings out the best volume from the phone. That’s not all what ASUS has given, The Padfone actually comes with a detachable keyboard and a bluetooth device to go with it.

The keyboard dock has its own battery, and it charges the Padfone when connected to it. The Padfone acts nothing less than an Android Laptop after the keyboard dock is attached. The Padfone is actually a 3-in-1 hybrid of a phone, a tablet and an laptop. The only negativity I found with the keyboard dock is that the Padfone weighs around 1 kilo after is is attached.

All in all, I would rate the ASUS Padfone a good 8/10 for all its features, looks and performance. Here is the most awesome Asus Padfone video advertisement.

Warning! – If you have been using a pre-iPhone era phone or laptop, this video may just blow you away.

(The Author is a Student of Technology based in New Delhi, India).

Game Development For Microsoft Surface Could Revolutionize The Gaming Industry!

A few days back, Microsoft revealed it’s first tablet, The Surface. Unlike the iPad and Android tablets, Surface runs on The Windows 8 and The Windows RT platform, offering a touch-based keyboard. Some more eye-catching features this Tablet has are the front and rear-facing HD cameras, storage capacity ranges from 32 GB to 128 GB depending on the model one selects, magnetic covers that double as detachable keyboards and the wi-fi only connectivity.

Tablet gaming has become immensely popular due to the ease and affordability of the games and this latest entry to the Tablet World comes with a difference, a USB port. With the support of the X-box 360 controller, core gamers can now stick to Tablet Gaming. One can play play PC games on their laptops on the go, but the sleek and small design of The Surface is what makes the difference. The Surface is equipped with a Nvidia graphics card to offer excellent visuals, just what one needs while Gaming !

Microsoft Surface could be the gamer’s paradise!

Moreover, this combination of The X-box 360 controller and The Surface is going to bring for the first time, the Tablet-Console Gaming funda ! The market shares for X-box 360 will also go up leaving behind the likes of The Sony Playstation and Nintendo because Xbox is the one clear-cut advantage that Microsoft has over them.

“Remember that Microsoft’s Xbox installed base is estimated to be around 70 million, or roughly the same as Apple’s iPad installed base and if Microsoft can convert a sizable number of media-savvy Xbox owners into Surface customers, it could cut deeply into the potential audience for Apple.” – Charles King, principal analyst with Pund-IT

I must therefore conclude by saying that Microsoft looks to be the clear favorite once again to take the gaming industry by storm.

(The Author is a Student of Technology based in New Delhi, India).