Google Q2 2013 Results Released


Google reported $14.11 billion in revenue  an increase of over 19% compared to Q2 2012 , but it missed the expectations that the analysts had predicted for it. Wall street was expecting revenue surge of over 20% when compared to Q2 2012.

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The kid who hacked Apple into pieces now works for Google

Nicholas Allegra - Comex.

Nicholas Allegra – Comex.

Apple’s loss is Google’s gain. Nicholas Allegra, the teenager who in 2011 was responsible for the iPhone hacking tool JailbreakMe has landed an internship with the rival camp.

“I didn’t think anyone would be able to do what he’s done for years. Now it’s been done by some kid we had never even heard of. He’s totally blown me away.” – Charlie Miller, former analyst, National Security Agency.

For the uninitiated Allegra who calls himself Comex had hacked Apple’s iOS – unarguably the world’s most secure and restricted consumer operating system in 2011 and did it all on his own. He created JailbreakMe – a hacking tool for the iPhone and the iPad products. And within a month of the launch of its update – JailbreakMe-3 about 2 million users had used it to remove download restrictions on the iPhone and iPad.

And he did it while he was on leave from studies.

Nicholas_AllegraHe tweeted about his new role at Google through his twitter handle named @Comex. What makes this more interesting is the fact that Allegra was working as an intern for Apple after Apple authorities were left awe-struck and jaw-dropped by his feat. As a matter of fact the internship would have resulted in a permanent position for him at Apple if he had responded to the e-mail sent by Apple Human Resources. But in true happy-go-lucky nerd style he forgot to respond in time and Apple withdrew the offer.

“Comex is from the future.” – Dino Dai Zovi, CTO, security research firm – Trail of Bits.

Google’s internship offer followed and this time he promptly reverted back to accept the offer and avoided becoming the butt of jokes among his hacking circles.

Allegra didn’t disclose on what Google product he has been roped in to work at. Well if ever they assign him under Sergey Brin and make him sit on the Google Glass project we sure hope he contributes to make them look a little less-clumsy and more happily-wearable.

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