CES 2013 Innovation Unleashed

Samsung Youm Flexible OLED Display : The Future Is Bendable

Samsung just outdid everything they have ever done (and they have done a lot of things). At CES 2013 they introduced a bendable smartphone/tablet concept. The prototype was as close to real as anything has ever been in the bendable devices niche. The technology involved is unprecedented as it will allow content to actually flow across the screen and not be restricted to the square/rectangular displays of today.


Samsung Youm Display (Credit : AP)

The devices showcased at CES 2013 were said to be made of  (quality) plastic instead of glass so basically if you dropped your tablet it would not break (a product which the S in STL could certainly use). Sounds awesome? it is, but it would not be commercially available anytime soon. But kudos to Samsung for the prototype, because we have heard a lot about other companies working on bendable display technology (most noticeably Plastic Logic and Intel’s PaperTab) but nothing concrete has come out of their laboratories just yet. For now Samsung are leading the way in bendable display technology and we sure hope the prototypes see the light of the day soon.

Check out the official Samsung commercial for the Youm flexible OLED display showcased at the CES 2013 below.


Audi Puts You On Autopilot : Demos Self Driving Car

Audi is a brand that represents cool. And at CES 2013 they were no different, they showcased a self driving car. Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves, it’s not exactly a totally independent self driving vehicle just yet. It uses sensors that need to be fitted both in the car and around the pathway where the car is meant to operate on its own, so basically it follows a pre-assigned path and is not completely autonomous.

But it is cool.

Audi has one eye on the future.

Audi has one eye on the future.

Audi uses a smartphone app to self start the car, and then the car comes and picks you up on its own. We can’t help but think if Audi’s secondary motive behind launching such a car could be – putting Valet parking blokes out of business. We are all for it. A self driving car that picks you up outside a shopping mall while you wait for it and tell you girlfriend – I will drop you to your place honey, just let my car find me. And what happens when the car finally arrives right in front of you? – your girl expects it to transform into bumble bee, take all the shopping bags from her and then transform back.

Until that day is upon us, let’s just enjoy Audi’s auto-pilot efforts which the company believes could be a consumer product in about a decade. Check out the verge’s Chris Ziegler experiencing the Audi self driving car first hand.

Corning Gorilla Glass 3 – The Unbreakable is here


Corning have unleashed their Gorilla Glass 3 which boasts of Native Damage Resistance (NDR) technology and makes the glasses for the smartphones of the future quite literally – unbreakable.

The Gorilla Glass 3 offers enhanced scratch resistance, reduced scratch visibility, and better retained strength once a scratch occurs. It uses new glass composition with durability enhancements developed at the atomic structural level of the glass. – Srivatsan Sridhar, Phonearena

Here is the official video comparing scrath resistance between  Alternative Aluminosilicate Glasses and the Corning Gorilla Glass 3.


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Keep watching this space for more ground breaking innovation from CES 2013


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