CES 2013 Video Gallery

First some pre-show videos to set the ball rolling at CES 2013. Released by CEA & CES TV.

Now for the real deal. All that is happening at CES 2013 – 

Withings is Coming Up with New Ways to Track Your Health and Fitness

Urban Hello is Bringing the Home Phone Back to Life

PRYMD Unveils a New Way to Remember Faces and Names

uNu Electronics Displays a Battery Case of the iPhone 5

Synaptics is Advancing the Human Interface with Great New Technology

 Parrot’s ‘Flower Power’ Enables Effortless Plant Monitoring

Matrix Audio Limited – Small Speakers, Big Sound

LG Swings Big with a 84 Inch Ultra HD TV

La Crosse Shows Off a Tornado Weather Radio

 HZO is Finding New Ways to Protect Your Devices From Water Damage

 Globatrac Unveils a New Luggage Tracking Device

FitBug Shares their Newest Technology

Decor Shows Off Remote Android Oven Solutions

Cord Cruncher Displays a New Cord Management System

Atmel Releases Flexible Touch Display

Canopy Shows Off Touch Sensitive Phone Cases

Allure Energy Displays the EverSense

3M Touch Systems Shows Off 84 Inch Touch Display

(Courtesy CES TV, CES Unveiled and CEA)


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There is more to come, CES 2013 has just begun.


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