God Of War [The Epic Review]


I am what the Gods have made me. – Kratos.

The son of Zeus, the ghost of Sparta, the slayer of Ares, the God of war – Kratos is a name that will be remembered as long as video games are played, which is likely to be – forever.

Developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, the God of War franchise probably has as many fans as the Star Wars saga. The game is exclusive to Sony’s PlayStation console and is among the best selling games of all times.

Released in 2004 under the expert direction of game director David Jaffe, the God of War series has sold more than 21 million copies worldwide and continues to outsell most modern day mythological epics. The franchise is loosely based on Greek mythology and is an absolute treat to the eyes, pain to the thumbs and gripping for the heart, just like most gamers like it.


Kratos : the God of War.

The Storyline Teaser

Before he was a God, he was a man.

The protagonist Kratos is a ruthless commander in the Spartan army. Our man doesn’t just kill but he brutalizes and pillages his way across lands before becoming a devoted servant to the God of War – Ares. His guardian angel is Athena, the goddess of wisdom and purity. As a Spartan commander Kratos has been undefeated in battle but then he faces his greatest challenge yet, the barbarians of the east. The much famed Spartan army is taken aback by their unconventional enemy and on the cusp of defeat Kratos calls upon Ares, the God of War to come to his rescue.

Ares arrives and decimates the barbarians, gifts Kratos the blades of chaos, which were forged in the fires of Hades, the God of the underworld. From this day forward Kratos is to serve the God of War and wreck havoc upon anyone and everyone who dares to speak against Ares.


Poseidon : The God of Sea.

As it turns out Ares wants to transform Kratos into the ultimate warrior but the warrior of Ares’ dreams can not have weaknesses and Kratos does –  he has a loving wife and a super cute daughter to go home to. Ares conspires and tricks Kratos into killing his own family at a temple dedicated to Athena.

The Oracle of the temple who had tried to warn Kratos not to enter the temple now curses him to bear the ashes of his family on his skin, which gives him a ghost like appearance and hence the name – the ghost of Sparta.

By the Gods, what have I become?

Feeling seriously screwed, a heartbroken Kratos has a new goal in life – avenge his family and do the impossible task of killing a God – Ares, the God of War.


A still from God of War : Ascension.

But in order to do that, he needs access to the only weapon that can kill a God – the Pandora’s Box. Which is easier said than done because to reach the Pandora’s temple he must go through the Desert of Lost Souls, which is a serious undertaking in itself.

Once he reaches the Pandora’s temple he must summon Kranos – the son of Gaia (mother earth) and Uranus, the father of Zeus (the king of the Gods) and therefore grandfather to Kratos himself (since it is later revealed that Kratos is the son of Zeus).


Kratos : The son of Zeus.

Once inside the temple Kratos must face three challenges – the challenge of Atlas (another son to Gaia), Poseidon (the God of sea) and Hades. And after a little more slashing, hacking and murdering, Kratos finally obtains the Pandora’s box. Ares senses the trouble coming his way, kills Kratos and sends him to the underworld

But with the Gods rooting for him, Kratos defies death and comes back to life with a little help from an unknown gravedigger, who in all probability is Zeus himself.

Hope is what makes us strong. It is why we are here. It is what we fight with when all else is lost. – Pandora.

An epic battle ensues when Kratos reaches Athens to avenge his family. With the blades of Chaos, the Pandora’s box and the blessings of several Gods, Kratos – a human, kills Ares, the God of War. Athena gifts him the blades of Athena as he enters Mount Olympus, the home of the Gods and having slayed Ares, takes his rightful place as the new God of War.

The Gameplay

God of War is a third person game, or in gaming terminology a Role Playing Game (RPG), which seamlessly combines combos, puzzles and platforming styles of story telling that most modern RPGs are known for. The game also features several mini games and challenges to keep the players glued to their couches for much longer than their backsides would appreciate.


Kratos : The Ghost of Sparta.

The Franchise

  • God of War – available on PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita.
  • God of War II – available on PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita.
  • God of War : Betrayal – available on Java ME.
  • God of War III – available on PlayStation 3.
  • God of War : Chains of Olympus – available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable.
  • God of War : Ghost of Sparta – available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable.
  • God of War : Ascension – available on PlayStation 3.
  • God of War Collection – available on PlayStation 3.
  • God of War : Origins Collection – available on PlayStation 3.
  • God of War Saga – available on PlayStation 3.

Top International Ratings

  • GameRadar : 10/10
  • GameSpy : 5/5
  • IGN : 9.8/10
  • GameSpot : 9.3/10
  • EuroGamer : 9/10

Here is the official trailor of the latest title from the franchise – God of War : Ascension.

Attention Grabber : Keep watching this space for the exclusive God of War e-book, coming soon.


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