Learn From Home


The web is a powerful medium, perhaps more powerful than most governments around the world, because it empowers the people to do amazing things. No other tool, no other medium is as powerful and wide reaching than the world wide web, the baby of Sir Tim Berners-Lee is now a giant of the modern technological industries. It permeates devices, demographic boundaries and provides hope where it’s most needed. It is also offers a vast sea of opportunities to those who want to use it for career building skills.

To make a career in the web you need to understand its environment, the things that it uses to display data, communicate information and deliver services. You need to start off by getting acquainted with a hypertext environment because that is essentially what the web is. From early markup versions of SGML and HTML the web has come a long way. And in the course of learning how to make a career in web development/designing/servicing and lots more you need to learn things like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP etc.

STL brings to you a perfect hassle free, no fuss platform to learning – everything web. You learn from the comfort of your living rooms, we promise to bring you the best resources and the best mentors, you learn at your pace and at your convenience. Finally an on-demand service that doesn’t cost you a dime. Yes it is all free of charge, STL, after all is in the – business of public service for the tech community.

All you have to do is fill the form below and request for an outline of our “Learn from Home” program. We will take it from there.