Learn From Home


Whether you are an application engineer, a kick-ass web developer, a mobile app ninja or just the random software hobbyist – you have to love Java. Period. The Java of today is way more than just another programming language. It is the oxygen that powers billions of hardware species. It is without doubt the most complete and widely acknowledged language of choice for millions of techies around the world. If STL had its way, Java would have already been pronounced – the second most important language on earth, after English.

So if Java is so cool, everybody should learn it right? Bang on the money. But Java often demands patience from its students, a virtue very few seem to have these days, specially when you have some competitive alternatives available to you (read Python, Ruby), but that’s just the server side of the big picture. Java is not just all server side, Java is every side, every nook and corner, Java is everywhere.

STL’s idea of learning Java the right way isn’t about attending institutes that charge you a big hefty fees, make you travel miles for a 2 hour class, promise you a world of Java glory and by the time your course comes to an end, you find yourselves in  pretty much the same situation as before, except of course that you have spent a fortune by now.

Learning a programming language requires patience, and surely not all of us are as gifted as the S in STL. Most of us require answers to those small queries which a faculty handling 300-500 students at a time can just never answer. Here is our play –

We all know that self acquired knowledge is always the best acquired knowledge. Why spend a fortune when you can sit at home and learn for yourselves? But you need the best resources right? You need things explained in a simple yet intuitive way, and more often than not, you need a query answered personally from an expert. Worry not STL comes to your rescue.

STL brings to you an opportunity to learn from home, without paying a dime. The best possible resources from the internet, from the best Java books, the best Java videos, the best Java PDFs prepared by the S in STL himself, and of course the very best mentors who will be there for you on an on-demand basis. For a change an on-demand service that’s free of cost.

All you have to do is fill the form below and request for an outline of our “Learn from Home” program. We will take it from there. Let us help you learn Java, the way it was meant to be learnt – sitting on the couch, experimenting till you have FINALLY succeeded CATCHING that EXCEPTION.