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Here at STL we decided to bring you the best possible resources on computer programming (duh, you already knew that). We also promise to bring you the latest news on programming topics as they happen (big deal, what’s new?). Our resources will include everything from a video tutorial (not necessarily ours) to well documented PDFs (most definitely ours). But hey, wait! we are not done yet. We are also bringing to you – Mentors, they are programmers with industry experience (now we have your attention). So when you have a doubt that none of our awesome videos and PDFs could solve, you can request a mentor who will listen to your doubts and answer them in real time, online of course (are we kidding you? of course not, why would we kid you? serious programming isn’t for kids, hypertext markup certainly is).

This is how it works –

You encounter a piece of code you can’t comprehend, and you have been every where on the internet searching for what might be the right answer. But you aren’t satisfied and would love to have it explained to you in person. That’s where we come in. You send us a distress call by filling out the form below and we arrange for a meet up with the mentor at the earliest (usually within 24 hours).

How much do we charge you for this service?

$ 0 (Zero dollars a.k.a Free of charge). Now we can’t charge you for providing what we believe is public service (you really thought we would charge you? Shame!).

Let’s deprecate your problems.